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David SALSEDO - Biography
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David S. is a performer songwriter and producer. He is also a music video director.

He started his career as the front man of one of the biggest rock band in France and South Europe, several times gold and awarded , “SILMARILS”.


As a producer David S. signed several acts which went huge in France. He scouted, A’R ‘ed  and produced new talents.


Some of them became top sellers in France :


SILMARILS (East West/Warner Music) several times Gold, DOLLY (Warner) : 300.000 copies, SUPERBUS (Mercury/Universal) : 1.000.000 copies,


And even French Icon Johnny Hallyday (David Wrote  the main song of his album « Ma Verité » (1.000.000 copies sold on Universal)….


And a few more….


Working with at the time up and coming directors such as Olivier Megaton (Tekken 2, 3) and Olivier Dahan ( La vie en rose with Marion Cotillard) , David learned the power of the image especially when it is related to music.


He also wrote numerous songs and albums for many artists and his meeting with legendary American top producer Mario Caldato Jr. ( Beastie Boys, Beck, Jack Johnson, Money Mark ; etc….) gave  David the occasion to go to Los Angeles, especially in the Silverlake area where he spends now more and more time making records….And shooting videos.


David is also the founder of RunFast Music , publishing & production company.


He also collaborates with top french designer Jérôme Coste, founder of the classy Ruby Helmets, and photographer Dimitri Coste for several years.


David also regularly collaborates with Multi Grammy winning engineer Richard « Segal » Huredia (Dr Dre, Eminem, Outkast) in Los Angeles and graphist / designer Tom Walker (John Butler Trio) in Australia.


He also composed performed & produced a solo album : SALSEDO’s Wine & Pasta which won the M6/W9 T.V award of best new act of 2009, including the singles “Yeah Yeah”  and “Mon amour”.


He produced several albums with Mario including his solo effort recorded and mixed in Mario C’s studio with collaborations of musicians like Justin Meldal-Jensen (Beck, Air), Matt Mahaffey (Beck, S.E.L.F, …)