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David SALSEDO - Back2Mono
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Based between Paris & L.A BACK2MONO (B2M) is a two-piece band formed by long time soul mates, MC S. & MC X. , 2 producers/songwriters/performers well known in France and abroad for their collaborations with a lot of artists, producers, and movie directors.

Several times awarded & gold record in France the guys have chosen to stay in the shadow for the BACK2MONO project… FOR NOW

And to let the music speaks for itself. Cuz when the sound is good you don’t need a spokesman.

B2M is a tribute to music, a musical journey mixing Classic Rock with French Touch, airy melodies with heavy guitar riffs, electric instruments with electronic machines, catchy hooks with contemplative moments…

And words that DO mean things. (« Daddy was a junky »).

A trip under the sun and in the twisted minds of 2 music lovers.

The first track of their first E.P to come (Fall 2017), « Summer Of Love » with its emotional impact between melancholy and hope could remind us of the Zombies’s Time Of A Season, or some of the sounds of The Temples.

Their first music video « Summer Of Love », (link) directed by W.A.C.O for the very « chic » production company, is an hallucinated Road Trip under influence.

It’s been elected « Video Of The Week » by the very trendy and prestigious media agency BETCPOP.

But It’s just the beginning…

Some say the next B2M‘s music video could be directed by an Oscar Winner movie director…

So let’s be patient…

Because B2M’s album will be like a cut diamond where each side reflects a different light, telling a different story.

Because we know it’s all about songs and B2M does not miss that, we can bet B2M could be the next big thing to come.

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